Saturday, April 25, 2009

Carnie Boy

Carnie Boy

He's so young, but yet so wise for his youth.
He's been on the circuit since he was eight.
Entering adolescence with greasy hands,
Sweaty blond hair, and dirty feet.
Feeling old at thirteen, he's traveled the country
In the back of a truck,
Seeing more than his innocent eyes could take in.

From Dallas to Charleston,
He's seen it all.
Rain and mud - dry and dust.
Lifting equipment twice his weight.
Hoisting tents to their full glory.

He wants to escape . . .
But not really.
This is the only life he's ever known.
He has his friends -
Clowns by day, drunkards by night.
Bearded ladies with big bosom's always giving hugs.
He loves them all in his own special way.

You've seen this carnie boy, I'm sure.
Just look harder
Next time the circus comes to town.