Sunday, January 25, 2009

Lazy Summer

Lazy summer, hot and dry. Then hot and humid.
Grass crunching dead and dry beneath your feet. Even the birds are panting.

The sun burns through the hazy sky.
No relief . . .just uncomfortable!

Kids bake beside the warm pool while farmers pray for rain. Robins struggle to find a lone worm through hard, crusted soil. They are waiting for a meal that may never emerge. The swing sets in local parks . . . vacant. Their only movement, if any, is from the hot, stale breeze. The stagnant, limp wind slowly withers leaves that cry to God for water.

Stillness . . .

A small bird drops to the edge of a dried stream bed - hoping, that death won't be soon.

The old man is awake!
He is failing to sleep and snore!

Evidently . . .
He didn't bump his head.