Monday, March 30, 2009

Go Figure!

As kids growing up in the 1950' & 1960's -
We ate greasy french fries smothered in catsup, Milkduds and buttered popcorn. We ate chocolate bars that melted down your hand on a hot summer day. We faced the risk of getting pimples! We suffered through not being able to finish a meal at suppertime because of earlier " sweet indulgences", even though we had to sit there at the table alone until the peas or other vegetables were finished. . . and "NO dessert, Mr., until you finish". And since we took too long to finish our meal, we always got dessert and a hug and kiss from mom.

I think we turned out pretty fine . . .With no ill effects.

But today?
Kids eat greasy fries made in unsaturated fat, chocolate with high MSG's, ultra-caffeinated "Monster" sports drinks, expensive Star-f**ks coffees and "lah-de-dah-tes", low-fat chips in a bag that is 60% air, and smoothies with more calories than a breeding cow! They have no recess or exercise in school, too many video games and less "playing outside until dark". And suddenly, everyone is worried about these kids facing the risk of cancer, heart disease, obesity, high cholesterol, and the works?

What is wrong with this picture????